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Diagnostic & Preventative Services:

Restorative Procedures:

Cosmetic Procedures:

TMJ Treatments

Diagnostic and Preventative Services:

Routine Cleanings & Check-ups

Routine cleanings are essential to an overall healthy mouth and beautiful smile, which is why Dr. Gorin encourages patient education and regular checkups. Our endearing, highly-trained registered hygienists tailor your dental cleaning visits to the individual needs of each patient. Working together with Dr. Gorin, our dental hygienists play a vital role in detecting any early problems and ensuring our patients long term oral health and comfort, with a brilliant smile to match.

Digital X-rays & Intraoral Camera

Our advanced technology of digital x-rays reduces radiation to minimum, so that you should not be concerned of being exposed. We take digital x-rays and intraoral photos of your mouth, so Dr. Gorin can have a clear view of your current oral health. She'll review her findings with you on one of our chairside monitors. The Dental Intraoral camera allows Dr. Gorin to educate her patients with a close-up assessment of their dental concerns, as well as the procedures required to correct them by providing a dentist's eye view of the patient's teeth and mouth. For Dr. Gorin, the intraoral camera is a great way to show patients how their mouth and teeth change over time, while documenting teeth position and general wear and tear. The intraoral camera is completely optional for patients that would rather not get the close-up view.

Dental Sealants

Even when patients practice proper oral health care, sealants are sometimes required to protect the hard to reach areas of the mouth between dental visits. Sealants can be useful in the prevention of decay and cavities, as they provide a protective coating to the tops and back of our patients teeth to help prevent and minimize the deleterious effects of dental decay. Teeth can sometimes have very deep grooves that dental tooth brush bristles cannot clean. Dental sealants can be applied to properly cleaned teeth to prevent future decay. This is especially true in our younger patients, where we have witnessed a reduction in the need for dental fillings.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer screenings are another part of routine dental exams and are an important part of maintaining our patients overall well-being, as they can allow for the early detection of harmful changes in our patients mouths. Dr. Gorin and team utilize the latest techniques and technology in performing regular oral cancer screenings and detecting any suspicious signs. We understand that our patients often see their dental care providers more often than their medical practitioners, which affords us the opportunity to not only maintain a healthy mouth, but to remain vigilant of any changes to the overall health of our patients, and facilitate the appropriate referral.

Restorative Procedures:

Mercury Free Tooth-Colored Fillings

As a restorative and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Gorin uses all-white restorations to help patients achieve and maintain optimum oral health. Tooth colored fillings can help our patients avoid a number of issues often associated with mercury (amalgam) fillings, which can affect the health of your mouth, as well as your overall health. In addition to the health risks and environmental issues associated with silver or mercury amalgam fillings, they can lead to cracks in your teeth, allowing harmful bacteria to leak underneath and cause recurring cavities and decay. Dr. Gorin takes a conservative approach to tooth-colored fillings and all of her dental procedures, concentrating on preserving as much of your natural tooth as possible. One significant reason she prefers tooth colored, or white fillings is because the mercury contained in the metal fillings can be potentially dangerous, and requires hazardous waste disposal. By eliminating the use of the amalgam fillings, Dr. Gorin is doing her part to protect the environment, while providing our patients with a safe, effective solution to protect their teeth against tooth decay.

Porcelain Onlays

Inlays and Onlays are lab-made restorations that are placed on teeth when the cavity or lost tooth structure is too large to be restored by a simple filling. The process of making an inlay is very similar to a crown. After the tooth is prepared, it is cemented or bonded to the tooth. There are different materials that inlays are made of, including gold, porcelain, and composite resins. Porcelain and composite inlays and onlays are cosmetic alternatives to fillings and are very strong compared to regular white fillings. Gold inlays and onlays are also suitable alternatives, but their appearance makes them less popular.

Metal Free Crowns

Crowns, also known as caps, slide over teeth to hide misshaped, misaligned, discolored, or other imperfections in teeth. Crowns cover and protect cracked teeth, increase comfort, and offer extra support to those that are weak or damaged. If you have old crowns with black lines by the gums, metal-free crowns can be made that will vastly improve the overall appearance of your smile. To find out more about crowns, please contact our office today.

Missing Tooth Replacement

Missing or severely damaged teeth make eating, drinking, and functioning on a daily basis very difficult. Missing teeth can also be embarrassing in public or at work; this can cause a patient to hide their smile, affecting them both emotionally and psychologically. Dr. Lana Gorin understands how inconvenient a missing tooth can be for a patient. Our practice offers a number of tooth-replacement procedure options. Dental implants and dental bridges help patients return to a normal lifestyle, enhancing their confidence and restoring the overall function in their smile.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are natural tooth-root forms which fuse to the jawbone becoming very similar to a natural tooth's root. This artificial root or implant is placed by a specialized oral surgeon or periodontics. Once the artificial root fully secures to the bone, Dr. Gorin will create a custom crown, to replace the missing tooth. This is crown, will be attached to the implant to provide the most natural-looking missing tooth replacement. Dental implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth, or to function as support for the replacement of all missing teeth. Dental implants are a great solution to single missing tooth replacement when compared to other procedures because none of the surrounding teeth are touched.

Dental Bridges

Dr. Gorin believes there is no reason her patients should have to hide behind less-than-perfect teeth. The doctor and our highly-skilled dental team, including a laboratory technician, specialize in natural looking bridges to replace the missing tooth and often improve the appearance of the adjacent teeth. We strive to create the smile that will boost your confidence and self-esteem. Dental bridges allow Dr. Gorin to fill missing-tooth gaps with natural-looking, custom sculpted teeth to help correct speaking and chewing issues, and decrease excess strain experienced when biting down. As bridges are permanent tooth replacements, they offer an effective alternative to dental implant.

Cosmetic Procedures:

Cosmetic Bonding

If you have chipped, stained, or unwanted spaces between your teeth, cosmetic dental bonding may be the best option for restoring your smile. As an extremely versatile option for fixing cracks, discolorations, and misalignments, cosmetic bonding allows Dr. Lana Gorin to preserve a majority of the natural tooth while improving the overall aesthetics of our patients smiles. Dr. Gorin can usually complete cosmetic bonding in a single office visit. It is a conservative restorative treatment option that preserves and matches your natural teeth.

Smile Makeovers

Smiles can have a profound effect on daily interactions and overall confidence, and Dr. Lana Gorin believes each of her patients deserves to make a great first impression. A recent study by the American Academy of Periodontology shows that Americans are seven times more likely to have a cosmetic dental enhancement than a face-lift. If you are ready to say yes to a new smile, cosmetic dentist Dr. Gorin may recommend the ultimate transformation, a complete smile makeover.


Teeth Whitening

Every smile looks more beautiful and healthy when teeth are sparkling white. However, common habits such as drinking coffee, tea, soft drinks, red wine, or smoking, can often stain or discolor the enamel on our teeth. Dr. Lana Gorin offers two teeth whitening options to brighten any smile with safe, effective bleaching methods: Opalescence Boost ® for in-office teeth whitening that offers a brighter, whiter smile after just one appointment and custom bleaching trays.

TMJ Treatments

Night Guards & Mouth Guards

Night guards, especially when associated with the correction of grinding to reduce migraine symptoms, can have a significant impact on our patient's quality of life. To provide the necessary protection for your mouth, Dr. Lana Gorin also offers mouth guards for any need, as it relates to any of the following concerns: whether it is sports or stress related.


  • Prevents the destruction of teeth from unconscious grinding at night, which can cause tooth sensitivity and hot and cold
  • Prevent the wear and tear of a patient's teeth, which can cause a person to appear older than they actually are
  • Protect dental restorations to help them last longer
  • Protect teeth during increased periods of stress, when patients tend to grind their teeth more often
  • Alleviate pain in a patient's jaw joint and muscles, or pain commonly associated with migraine headaches

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